Tuesday, 10 May 2016


The loneliness that spurs you on,
An insulator setting you free,
Your true friend from time immemorial,
The destined journeyman you will be.

Into the nothingness you will travel,
And your circle will be complete,
For you came from a land,
Away from victory and defeat.

Devour your hate and your love too
And you have the void that you filled,
Devour the pain and your joy too
And you are depicted how I want you to be.

The test is of your life, through your path on this world,
Crude and desolate I'll help you to be
Resounding the search of your heart's core
The person you truly need to be.

Your mind is hard to find without thought,
So fill it with just the one,
For every needless battle you have ever fought,
What comes of the victory and who truly won.

I am your true validation, the being,
That changes your destiny wherever you go,
I am that paramount to your worth,
The crown that you have and yet cannot wear.

Your ego.

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