Friday, 28 July 2017

Ashen Exordium

Beloved bedrock of glamorous white,
Floating above me a fitting throne's might,
The dusky sun igniting you gold,
Repeating cycles from centuries old.

Cursed to be reveled from a distance,
Your glory remembered like a dream,
Vanishing into ether, defying grace,
Escaping mountains like a rive, poignant, keen.

Beholding creation from emptiness,
Clawing through bark of memory's trees,
Salvaging corners of your embodiment,
Requiem of your alchemy into form.

Onward to your form I write,
Pursuing vision and materializing shapes,
Ink 'n white my brush and palette,
Painting onto this canvas,
What shall you become.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016


The loneliness that spurs you on,
An insulator setting you free,
Your true friend from time immemorial,
The destined journeyman you will be.

Into the nothingness you will travel,
And your circle will be complete,
For you came from a land,
Away from victory and defeat.

Devour your hate and your love too
And you have the void that you filled,
Devour the pain and your joy too
And you are depicted how I want you to be.

The test is of your life, through your path on this world,
Crude and desolate I'll help you to be
Resounding the search of your heart's core
The person you truly need to be.

Your mind is hard to find without thought,
So fill it with just the one,
For every needless battle you have ever fought,
What comes of the victory and who truly won.

I am your true validation, the being,
That changes your destiny wherever you go,
I am that paramount to your worth,
The crown that you have and yet cannot wear.

Your ego.

Monday, 3 February 2014


Each time I have been to sleep,
I see a place where I want to be,
The meadow where long grass grows,
The same place by a giant tree.

The sun setting in magnificence,
Clouds passing through my palms,
Sheen air infusing life through the fog,
The feeling of oneness so calm.

The leafless tree by the bank,
Near those stones I want to sit,
An undertone of the flowing river,
The moon to make it all fit.

My mind takes me there,
Each time I go to sleep,
Time seems to stand down,
And it gives me peace.


The Immaculate Hurdle

I shall breach the realm that, for me was not destined

So that I needn’t curse my mettle,

I shall hunt the prey that lurks out,

To feed the insatiability, it knows no bound

So that it shall not burn my self from me.

Might be forgotten, all is perceived

There is HE who is almighty, but power he has given

Ways may seem evil, forbidden it is not.

Belief and hope, stripped and tainted

Comforted and tortured, soul and urge

Humility is uncanny, inappropriate it is not.

The darkness comforts, as the sky to the hawk

It treads the falling path, as if its wings mock,

Failure is a fact, giving up is not.

Reap the hope and the pain too,

The haunted one I am, the toy on fingers

Heavens do no judgment, reason there is none

Gaze up at the moon, till its stories be told,

Till the wind all around me, still blows cold.

The Volte-Face

All encompassing darkness eternal,
I sense a myriad of beings,
Not by perceptions familiar,
But endowed by a feeling within.

Elements in the universe flow,
Stir the emotions I hold,
Soak the matter of my thoughts,
Like the sheltering heat in cold.

I crumble, suffer from the pressure,
Blurred is my vision, tears they hold.
Deafened by my conscience,

I travel to my seclusion,
To my inner world,
My agony, my delusion.

I’m surrounded with thoughts,
I thought I never had,
Erasing their existence,
Like nomads in conflict.

I scream at the darkness all around,
And it was time to concede,
Love, Passion, Hope, Belief,
All ash before me.

Filled with a void so comfortable,
Questioning the nature of it,
I feel a shiver, And I see,
The me, I wanted to be.

The aura, the disposition,
The respect, the power,
It did not speak, but conveyed,
What lacked inside of me.

And the songs became softer,
The wind enticing passion,
The calmness so pleasant,
And it all came back to me.

I feel a wise future,
So heady, so perfect.
That which engrosses my dreams,
My actions to the final gate.

Where I am measured ,
For what I spoke about,
For what I believed in ,
With instinct throughout.

I dawn upon the truth,
To accept and to redeem,
With a promise unheard ever,
With a smile from within..

Thursday, 3 May 2012



Higher I want to go ,
Where my dreams fly along side,
A feather hurled at the wind,
The storm of chaos I ride.

A fear inscribed in my wings,
Do I shed them never to fly again,
An urge to reach my goal,
Do I need to know the pain.

Do I need to  hide myself,
To obtain what I want 
Do I need to escape,
To conquer my return.

Your mind is your power,
Limitless is your energy,
Goals are mere hurdles.
What stays behind is how you fought,

Limited is the vision of purpose, 
Endless is the sea of thought.
Go through countless journeys,
That is the life we bought.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Why I want to blog

Perspective, instinct and attitude are very important in my life. Between the daily grumbles about cash, the tea breaks to relieve the mind , the walks on the beach with my mind, the countless hours of thought, sparks of realization of chaos in which we live and pointless things that irritate the hell out of me; I thought of adding a new little perspective to my life through this.
Negativity has been a very good asset for me, It lets me get back to the foundations of everything and works me through the positive.
Getting philosophical and writing stuff that soothes my mind, keeping sanity in check, forsaking all contact, pondering over that which does not have a fixed criteria or boundary from our so called "society".

There are no fixed agendas to life.
Everything is how you see it.
Everything is about what your perspective is,
What your attitude towards it is,
Everything is based on your belief and instinct.


Ashen Exordium

Beloved bedrock of glamorous white, Floating above me a fitting throne's might, The dusky sun igniting you gold, Repeating cycles fr...