Monday, 3 February 2014

The Volte-Face

All encompassing darkness eternal,
I sense a myriad of beings,
Not by perceptions familiar,
But endowed by a feeling within.

Elements in the universe flow,
Stir the emotions I hold,
Soak the matter of my thoughts,
Like the sheltering heat in cold.

I crumble, suffer from the pressure,
Blurred is my vision, tears they hold.
Deafened by my conscience,

I travel to my seclusion,
To my inner world,
My agony, my delusion.

I’m surrounded with thoughts,
I thought I never had,
Erasing their existence,
Like nomads in conflict.

I scream at the darkness all around,
And it was time to concede,
Love, Passion, Hope, Belief,
All ash before me.

Filled with a void so comfortable,
Questioning the nature of it,
I feel a shiver, And I see,
The me, I wanted to be.

The aura, the disposition,
The respect, the power,
It did not speak, but conveyed,
What lacked inside of me.

And the songs became softer,
The wind enticing passion,
The calmness so pleasant,
And it all came back to me.

I feel a wise future,
So heady, so perfect.
That which engrosses my dreams,
My actions to the final gate.

Where I am measured ,
For what I spoke about,
For what I believed in ,
With instinct throughout.

I dawn upon the truth,
To accept and to redeem,
With a promise unheard ever,
With a smile from within..


  1. i am sure the pathos depicted above..could very well turned into a "iced earth" "as i lay dying" work....


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